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Abundant Funding's Online Lending Platform Is Designed to Make Financing Easy!

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Abundant Funding is an online lending platform that can help your business find an Abundance of funding solutions. Our software searches through our custom-built index of unconventional lenders that can meet your needs! Unlike platforms such as Lending Tree, Abundant Funding shows you all your funding options, even if we aren't a partner with that particular lender!

We Work With a Variety of Business Loan Originators to Streamline The Business Funding Process and Serve the Online Lending Industry.

Unlike other online lenders, Abundant Funding has representatives available to assist you over the phone 24/7.

Abundant Funding is your full-time business financing manager. We are here to help with all of your funding needs!

Did you know not all SBA lenders are the same and many SBA lenders have their own requirements, which go above and beyond the SBA guidelines? Do you know what the underwriting guidelines are for a Small Business Administration Loan? Abundant Fundings lending platform automatically accounts for all of these variables!

More than 80% of all US Businesses utilize equipment leasing for all or part of their equipment. There is a reason businesses lease equipment instead of buying them outright. flexibility and low out-of-pocket costs.

401K and IRA rollover funding is simply using a retirement plan savings to fund a business (tax-deferred and penalty free). This type of loan program is sometimes called ROBS or Rollover for Business Startups. Do you have a 401K?

Abundant Funding Specializes in Financing Commercial and Residential HVAC Equipment

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Abundant Funding is here to help your business get financing throughout its entire lifetime. Sign up for an account and get notified when new financing options become available!

Abundant Funding has competitive pricing, business credit lines, a simple loan process, a business loan calculator, and allows you to view financing options.

Create an account with Abundant Funding and get notified when your business qualifies for new loan offers. When you create an account, you can manage multiple loans for different projects and different businesses!

SBA is an acronym for the Small Business Administration. This government agency provides counseling to help people start and grow businesses. The SBA also administers loans and guarantees against default for certain portions of business loans made by banks and other lenders that have conformed to the SBA’s guidelines.

Some lending institutions require a business plan with the application. A perfect example are SBA loans, which we commonly match our clients with. Even if a lender does not specifically ask for it, we still include it with the application and we see a significant increase in approvals as part of our excellent client service.

According to the SBA (Small Business Administration), the number one reason why a business fails is because of undercapitalization.

Equipment leasing monthly payments can be tax deducible, month over month. Lets face it, because of todays economy you have better things to do with your valuable cash than tie it up in a costly equipment purchase!

ROBS program or Rollover for Business Startup is a beneficial program because it is not a loan, does not report to personal credit or business credit, there is no interest, it comes without restrictions on the money, and has no industry limitations.

How Do We Differ From Other Online Platforms?

Many other online lending platforms such as Lendingtree, Become, and SnapCap let you shop and compare online loan options. However, these platforms only show you your options with companies they are affiliated with, or profit off of. AbundantFunding is tremendously different from these lending platforms.

Abundant Funding strives to be helpful and resourceful to all borrowers. While we do partner with some online lenders, the majority of options you see provide us with no direct revenue. If you are familiar with Amazon you know that they sell their competitors products on their website as well as their own products. This is Abundant Fundings strategy. We do not focus on profit maximization but rather we emphasize achieving maximum possible value for our customers.

By striving to achieve maximum customer value, Abundant Funding is able to offer a wide variety of unique and unconventional lenders. We are able to show you loan offers and options that no other online lender can provide. We are truly customer oriented and want to help you or your business as much as possible.

Many business owners do not understand the pros and cons of buying vs leasing equipment. However, it is a good idea to lease equipment in many situations. Leasing equipment can lower your upfront costs and allow you to operate your business much more efficiently.

Startup Financing can be very difficult. However, Abundant Funding provides an easy solution for new businesses to find the financing they need. Our online platform will analyze your criteria, asses your needs, and display a large array of startup funding options that you are most likely to qualify for!

Abundant Funding provides HVAC Consulting Services and develops solutions for HVAC equipment leasing and financing, HVAC Equipment Warranties, HVAC accounts receivables financing and more! Our team specializes in financing and packaging valuable deals for chillers, cooling towers, boilers, water pumps, air handlers, and much much more!


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Sign up for a credit monitoring service with Abundant Funding to keep track of your business credit! Abundant Funding wants to do whatever it can to help you lower your financing costs!

Our simple, secure web platform makes it easy to access your Abundant Funding account anywhere, anytime. Apply in 60 Seconds! Abundant Funding requires no hard credit pulls.

Abundant Funding is the future of Online Lending!

We offer Small Business Administration loans through a variety of preferred SBA lenders. Our average SBA loan closes in as little as 45 days. Contact us today about you businesses needs!

A business in need of small to large pieces of equipment should contemplate leasing instead of purchasing the piece of equipment outright.

Apply Today and gain access to a variety of funding and financing solutions for your new business!

Our team also provides a variety of financing and funding solutions for HVAC contractors, service companies, manufacturers, and more!


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