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Startup Funding Solutions

Startup Funding

Abundant Funding's online lending platform makes it easy to secure funding in just 4 simple steps!

Step 1 - Browse Options

Step 2 - Submit Application

Step 3 - Receive Offers

Step 4 - Get Funded!

Startup Funding Tips

Startup Funding Tips:

401K and IRA rollover funding is simply using a retirement plan savings to fund a business (tax-deferred and penalty free). This type of loan program is sometimes called ROBS or Rollover for Business Startups. Do you have a 401K?

ROBS program or Rollover for Business Startup is a beneficial program because it is not a loan, does not report to personal credit or business credit, there is no interest, it comes without restrictions on the money, and has no industry limitations.

Startup Financing can be very difficult. However, Abundant Funding provides an easy solution for new businesses to find the financing they need. Our online platform will analyze your criteria, asses your needs, and display a large array of startup funding options that you are most likely to qualify for!

Apply Today and gain access to a variety of funding and financing solutions for your new business!

Startup Funding Guide

Startup Funding Guide:

If you're looking to start a new business Abundant Funding Corp is here to help. We specialize in a large variety of startup funding solutions.

Whether you're looking for startup loans, angel investors, small business grants, or other types of financing, we can help you get the capital you need!

We can help you with a variety of startup funding solutions such as:

- Bootstrapping

- Venture Capital

- Angel Investors

- Funding Alternatives

- Startup Loans

- Small Business Grants

- And More!

One excellent option is to check out small business grants that are available to new and startup businesses. These business grants include but are not limited to:

- Federal small-business grants

- State and regional small-business grants

- Corporate small-business grants

- Specialty small-business grants

The specialty small-business grants include programs such as:

- small business grants for women

- small business grants for veterans

- small business grants for minorities

Before you begin your startup funding journey, you should first make sure you know the difference between startups and small businesses. Startup businesses and small businesses can have many similarities as well as many differences. Once you know which type of funding you are looking for you will be ready to begin your journey!


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