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How We Differ From Other Online Lenders

by Nelson Bou • 2020-03-02

Many other online lending platforms such as Lendingtree, Become, and SnapCap let you shop and compare online loan options. However, these platforms only show you your options with companies they are affiliated with, or profit off of. AbundantFunding is tremendously different from these lending platforms.

Abundant Funding strives to be helpful and resourceful to all borrowers. While we do partner with some online lenders, the majority of options you see provide us with no direct revenue. If you are familiar with Amazon you know that they sell their competitors products on their website as well as their own products. This is Abundant Funding's strategy. We do not focus on profit maximization but rather we emphasize achieving maximum possible value for our customers.

By striving to achieve maximum customer value, Abundant Funding is able to offer a wide variety of unique and unconventional lenders. We are able to show you loan offers and options that no other online lender can provide. We are truly customer oriented and want to help you or your business as much as possible.

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