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FITB Bank Analysis 1

by G.L. • 2020-06-09

This is a test post for some analysis Im working on for some bank stocks. -☻============================================================ | Symbol..........|.BY..|CADE.|CBTX.|.BAC.|.FITB| ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ |P/E ttm..........|10.62|07.95|11.70|10.69|10.53| ___________________________________________________________ |ROE %............|7.06%|6.74%|9.01%|10.6%|9.05%| ___________________________________________________________ |Debt/Equity......|00.66|00.15|00.12|01.00|00.77| ___________________________________________________________ |Price/Book.......|00.72|00.60|01.03|01.02|00.83| ___________________________________________________________ |Interest Coverage|07.34|13.59|45.04|03.16|06.67| ___________________________________________________________ Im basing this analysis off the belief that Bank of America is the best investment in this group. They next stock that is most similar to BAC is FITB. The main differences being a lower debt/equity, and lower price/book, and a higher interest coverage. I believe these three factors actually give FITB an advantage over BAC. I would say the only disadvantage shown with the given information is that FITB has a ROE that is 1% lower than that of BAC. Ultimately if I had to decide I would choose to purchase FITB today, on June 6, 2020 for a price of $24.27, and with a dividend yield of 4.45%.

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